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Electric Water Heater Sizing

electric water heater sizing

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Mitsubishi Galant Seat heater switch

Mitsubishi Galant Seat heater switch

This is the seat heater switch from Mitsubishi Galant 1998
The switch have 2 red and 2 green LEDs - one pair for the left seat and one pair for the right seat. The green LED lights when LOW level of heating is switched on and the red one lights when the HI level is switched on.
The green LED is positioned at the side with the G sign and the red one on the opposite side.
In the middle there is 2 lamps for the night back light of the switch. Now this lamps are changed with 2 extra bright white LED 3mm size.

Notice, that this position of the red and green LEDs is wrong. The right position is with minus signs at the inner side and plus signs at the outer side of the switch!

Living Room, with Heater

Living Room, with Heater

Tilda's parents' home, like many larger buildings in Cluj, comes equipped with lovely, wardrobe-sized ceramic heating stoves. Theirs is mostly masked by furniture, but you get the idea.

electric water heater sizing

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